Safari Highlights:

  • Viewing the abundant and diverse wildlife of Yellowstone and Grand Teton
  • Witnessing the spectacular Teton Mountains
  • Exploring Yellowstone ’s geothermal features
  • Experiencing the beautiful wildflowers of Jackson’s Hole
  • Hiking to majestic waterfalls and alpine lakes

 Day 1 - Wildlife, Waterfalls and Spectacular Scenery

Your safari begins as your naturalist guide meets you at your pre-safari lodging. Travel to our nation’s first national park, Yellowstone , and enter through her original entrance, the north gate, watching for pronghorn, elk and bighorn sheep that inhabit this area. Experience the central region of the park, with the morning highlight being the picturesque Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone , home to the breathtaking Upper and Lower Falls . Explore the hottest and most active thermal area in the park, Norris Geyser Basin , home to many unique geothermal features.

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, Yellowstone National Park L,D


Day 2 - Wildlife, Wildflowers and Wolves

Early morning departure from the hotel to the northern range of Yellowstone, also known as the Serengeti of North America, home to bison, elk, moose, antelope, and their predators, coyotes, grizzly bears and gray wolves. Witness the interaction between predator and prey and learn how they co-exist. Observe some or all of the wildlife species Lewis & Clark reported, when they traveled nearby. Hike to a pristine alpine lake, viewing wildlife and spectacular scenery. Experience the travertine mineral deposits of Mammoth Hot Springs, where spectacular colors and limestone formations make this area one of the finest in the park. Late afternoon wildlife drive to possibly view bears, wolves, coyotes, buffalo (bison) bighorn sheep, elk, and pronghorn.

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, Yellowstone National Park B,L,D


 Day 3 - Wildlife, Lakes and Grand Teton

Early morning departure to the beautiful Lake Yellowstone , the largest lake above 7000 ft in North America . Take a leisurely walk along its shoreline and enjoy the spectacular views of the Absaroka Mountains . Explore the unique West Thumb Geyser Basin , home to geysers and hot springs on the shore and in the lake. Travel south to Yellowstone ’s sister, Grand Teton National Park . Enjoy the spectacular array of wildflowers, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery that makes this park famous. View moose, trumpeter swans, bald eagles and the spectacular Teton Mountain Range.

Signal Mountain Lodge, Grand Teton National Park B,L,D 


Day 4 - Wildlife, Mountains and Geysers

Morning exploration of Jackson's Hole. Pristine lakes, majestic waterfalls, abundant wildlife and colorful wildflowers await guests, as the awe inspiring Teton Mountains hover high above the valley’s floor. Observe moose, white pelicans, bald eagles and numerous waterfowl, as the meandering Snake River makes its way to the Pacific Ocean . Travel back into Yellowstone and the reason why it was set aside as a national park, the largest geothermal region in the world, home to the famous Old Faithful Geyser and comical Fountain Paint Pots. Experience the surrounding geothermal areas, from the popular to the hidden, and learn about Yellowstone’s geologic history, from the past to the present. Late afternoon drive to view elk, bison, coyotes, and possibly wolves.

Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park B,L,D


Day 5 -Geysers, Paint Pots and Wildlife

Morning departure to possibly view wildlife and to explore the unique geyser basins of the region. Hike to an off the beaten path thermal area that only a few visitors explore each year. Experience an up close and personal look at some of the more than 10,000 thermals that dot Yellowstone ’s landscape. Afternoon hike along the beautiful Gallatin River (one of the three forks of the Missouri), receiving spectacular views of the Gallatin Mountain Range and beautiful arrays of wildflowers. Late afternoon wildlife viewing on your way to your post-safari lodging.


On each day’s itinerary, you will notice in bold lettering B,L,D. These symbols represent the meals that are provided during the safari. To assure optimal wildlife viewing, some meals will be in the field.

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(all photos taken by Carl Swoboda)